What AdvantEdge Can Do For You
AdvantEdge Saves You More 

In-Store Savings
Each week your Price Chopper has specially marked down hundreds of AdvantEdge items just for AdvantEdge cardholders. Combine these offers with manufacturers' coupons and save even more!
Earn AdvantEdge Rewards
AdvantEdge Rewards lets you earn points with each purchase during special promotion periods. Points are good toward AdvantEdge Rewards for that particular promotion. With enough points, you'll earn a reward certificate that will be sent to you in the mail or given to you at the checkout.
Cash Checks and Rent Videos
Your AdvantEdge card gives you check cashing and video rental privileges, subject to Price Chopper's check cashing policies and whether your store rents videos. For a complete check cashing policy, please check the policy sign in each store.
See What You Save
It's easy to spot AdvantEdge items. They're highlighted in our weekly circular and marked in our stores. Your receipt shows AdvantEdge savings as well as your total AdvantEdge points earned in the current promotion period.
To Report a Lost Card
To report lost or stolen cards, complete our online form, visit any store service desk or call 1-800-666-7667 (option 1). Use these same methods to request an address change or to receive an AdvantEdge key tag, if you failed to receive one with your AdvantEdge card.